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Consolidate LAN connectivity, Improve Email Access (Send and Receive), Improve Internet Access Speed. Monitor User’s Internet Access and Email, Prevent Smtp Virus Outbreak
The Linux Gateway server will act as the single, centralized point of entry to the companies network.
The gateway server can be configured to monitor internet and e-mail traffic into and out of the network, to identify and help control possible abuse of company resources (Internet and E-mail).
The gateway server will act as a firewall between the LAN and internet, as well as scan all incoming mail for spam and viruses.
The gateway server software is maintained and upgraded under the monthly rental agreement, and so is never redundant.
Another benefit of having an onsite mail server is that all local emails sent by local users to each other are handled internally by the mail server and thus reduces the Adsl usage and improves mail delivery time as it’s almost instantaneous.

Costs: Monthly Rental
There is no setup or hardware costs. The server is and remains the property of Xtranet for the duration of the lease. Any hardware or software failure is covered under the rental fee and all updates and routine maintenance of the server is covered under the rental agreement. Monthly rental fee is R750.00 incl. Vat. per month. There is no contract however we will require a 30 day notice in writing if you wish to cancel this service.

Rental Service Covers the ffg.

Remote support and resolution of Email Issues / Internet connectivity.

The ffg. is covered by this:
a) New Email User Creation.
b) Internet Access Restriction Management.
c) General Antivirus / Email / Firewall updates.
d) Server Restart
e) Network Shares
f) Firewall Rule Changes
g) Back-up Email Spooling (If your ADSL line goes down, we will collect all your email till your line comes back up)

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