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Xtranet staff are perfecting the art of networking businesses. We are offering networking and
communication services that telkom is yet to implement or offer products for.

Cable Networking
Fiber Optic Networking
Wireless Networking

The most popular network installation today are the CAT5 and CAT6 installations. We offer both these cabling technologies to connect your business or home.

We are suppliers of all common types of networking and server hardware, and you are more than welcome to contact us now for a detailed quote.


Let us help you get your network fast and efficient with a fibre optic backbone or if you are after other fibre optic solutions, let us advice you how to get it done.


Wireless networking is still a new concept for most people and the technology is new ground, but the technology has proven itself more than just another gimmick. Most new networks have wireless technology somewhere in them. Situations where cabling will take too much time or just isn't feasible, we implement wireless networks at a reasonable cost.

If you are uncertain how wireless networks can help you improve your business or home network, you are more than welcome to phone any of our support staff or even come into our offices to view our wireless network as a demo.

Network Servers Digital PABX Systems  

We offer server setups for your office email, sipp phone systems, file storage, and web servers. We have trained people who can work on Linux and Windows server platforms to ensure that you are getting the best technical assistance possible.

We supply most hardware and for commercial servers. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote on your server needs.


This new technologies is going to change the way telephone systems work forever. Already implemented in several corporate companies, this phone system is performing even better than we have hoped.

You have total control over your telephone network inside your office using the latest in SIPP technology and Linux you can: get your phone messages sent to you via email, or have your phone talk to you, forward calls in style, get messages on your extension have hold cues or even have internal conference calls.

If you want to see how this system work you are more than welcome to phone our expert on this new technology, Amith "Puff" Haripersad, for a demo.

  May it be a small office network or a large commercial or industrial network, we can make the connection.



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